Friday, July 25, 2014

a few days of ramadhan to remember..

hey's ramadhan treating you..?this holy month is super nice to me although yeah i had gastric (after years i havent got one) but im fine and happy..hehehehe

okay now that Raya is just a few days away, im quite busy settling the biscuits and baju raya for me,emmil and hubby..this year emmil gonna be with his daddy so im kinda lone ranger with hubs for this and dad will be in kota bharu and all the siblings will be with the in-laws so...what shall we do hubs on this raya..?? hahahahahaha

well,we have planned to chill in kay ell since it will be a quite town this festive season...wanted to fly somewhere but ofcourse everything is expensive when we do it last minute right?? *sigh* but its okay...insyaallah next year..

so since this year raya is gonna be a humble and quite raya,i wasnt planning to buy new baju kurung (although dalam hati wanted to grab a few of JM's collection) but nahh...i just hv to reason wih myself that berlambak baju kurung yang tak pakai lagi..just to be fair to all my baju kurung collections...hahahahhahaaha *kelipkelipmata*

but....hubs says i can still go shopping if terasa gatei nak memakai baju kurung raya..hehehehehe...well,let me just think first...menariks gak tuh...*biggrinonthetembamface*

to tell you the truth hubby bought me 2 pieces of kain sutera batik...and at that time most of the tailor dah tak ambik tempahan so i managed to get this makcik to jahit for me..well,the baju didnt go as planned..hehehehehe..takde thats why im kinda not i the mood to beli baju raya lagi...

although i have tried a few at the curve concourse for raya but the baju yang i berkenan either dah habis size or bila dah berkenan tp colour pulak tak berkenan...hmmm...tawakal jer..

konon-konon this raya theme nyer adalah black and white but now dah mcm kena tukar to colour blocking..hehehehehe...but i guess okay kot...*ayat penyedap hati*

anyway, sebelum saya mengundurkan diri, i want to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all bloggers out there..maaf zahir and batin...