Wednesday, November 18, 2015

it's all about aloha food..!

We decided to try L&L Hawaiian Barbecue cafe in Nu Sentral (next to The Teh Tarik's Place) and all my brothers and sistas tagged along so it is like a family gathering..

If you google L & L Hawaiian Barbecue it is quite famous and well known and all of these people all around the world likes their food. They are famous for their beef ribs and chicken katsu , I guess a lot more because they have burgers as well..

Okay let's go and try this cafe..

Mommy nak sangat try the food daddy is a person who is not that adventurous with food..very fussy and i follow his foot steps..! Hahahahaha but..suprisingly he was not that person anymore that nite..*heyy,who took my daddy??dont you comeback coz i like this one* muahahahhaaa...he tried most of the food that we ordered..! Mommy ordered him salad jer coz thats what he normally have when the food doesnt fancy his taste. I am happy to see that he wanted to try new food..alhamdulillah..

I loveeeeee the barbecue chicken although i didnt ordered that *dang*  tried my nephew's barbecue chicken and it was yummeh..macam terriyaki chicken pun ada rasa dia..what i ordered that night was the combo seafood and prawn i guess..sorry for not familiar with the names of the food coz panjang and semuanya ada influence of hawaiian in it..hahahaha but one thing missing is the dancing girls and pineapple drinks...hahahaha..

When u buy the combo set,you will get soft drinks and 3 side i pick the pasta, and double up the fries..ngeehh..

Owh..this one above..please please try this beignet (pronounce as "ben-nye") it is like a doughnut and churros but lagi it!!

My brother punya food..its the combo set tak ingat nama dia..heheheehhee...ada marinated ribs and beef,chicken katsu,prawns and fish..yesss..a lot kan??and its yummehhh too..of course we finished it all..*cough* i mean THEY finished it all..hehehehee...

Okay,to tell you the truth, i can actually finish this food alone and it is the combo prawn set!!! *blinkingeyes* butttt sebab hubby kata dah gemsss so i had to share it with others..grrrr...*tamakmode*

If you ordered the combo set,kids will get free meal that comes with drinks too!! so emmil nak makan nuggets and he gets fries and pasta too..(the above picture)

The kids sure had fun here..berlari sana sini macam kedai sendiri..hehehehehe

For those yang nak order for office function they have the delivery service and will alter the price according to your budget which my sister in law ordered for her meeting this friday for 10 pax...yeayyy!! 
*eh,apesal aku laks yg excited??*

And for those yang nak buat birthday party or any event here pun boleh and the place is quite strategic and can accomodate around 100 pax..

Check out their facebook 'L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Malaysia' or just go to their instagram to stalked on their food @alohamalaysia..

For food lovers out there this is the place that you guys should try out coz it is something different and definitely you will fall in love with..

Till then..