Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Untuk kekal cantik dan menawan.."

"because i'm happyyyyy..." menyanyi dalam hati sambil menaip..hehehehe

hello all...i am kinda happy to share new product that i found really and i mean it..realllyyy works on seriously i am sooo happy i have found these two items...

i have been searching for good product for my skin  like for ages...had tried from low end to high end product and sorry to say "i am not satisfied with the outcome." anyway, i understand when it comes to high-end products do you know that u can actually ask them for a sample first (although normally they would say "sorry kak sample dah habis"...pffttt!!) but dont be fooled get the samples first then baru beli if not beribu raban habis *through experience yer im talking here coz dok mencari yang serasi* end up in the dustbin or i give it to my mom or maid...yess!!thats what happened...

anyway,as a late comer to this beauty scheme or beauty regime i must say i'm not good at this..until........THESE TWO PRODUCT!!

okay,i know people might say "Kulit hang lain..kulit aku lain.." yurp noted and understood..the facial treatment i had mcm2 the skin specialist told me about my skin..kulit tak sihat lah,pigmentation lah,uneven skin tone lah,sensitive skin lah and end up membeli product mereka and not all yang betul serasi with my skin..pfftt again..

i know there's too many product out many until tak tau nak pilih yang mana..

so one day,a good friend of mine asked me a favor to do Voice over for her new product...and she gave me samples for me to try..sbb dia pun dah muak dengar my stories pasal kulit muka sensitive nih..okay mine takdelah teruk sgt sensitive nyer but if tak kena facial wash or cream my skin akan timbul blemishes...and one of the SA @Shins pernah ckp that not all skin product under one brand is suitable for us..sometimes maybe toner brand nih okay but facial wash kena pakai brand lain pulak yg sesuai.."Owwhhh.." baru ku tau...

so i settle for this ....CLEO WHITE..its water base and ada stemcell...harga pun murah..the whole set cuma rm149.90 jer (no 1 - no 4) yang the rest is not included yer..puas hati gue..hahahahaha..but who ever nak try this product i will give special pricelah yer..rm130 jer... *hugs*

after dah menukar-nukar brand for each product pun still tak berjumpe yang really works...
i have finally can rest my case..insyaallah biarlah product nih in the market for the longest time..

okay done membebel for the first go with the SECOND product...i must say the KILLER product!muahahaha...

okay, been wearing this cream for about 2 weeks now. i must admit i like to try new product but if the product doesnt give me any good result or nil result,the product will sit on my dressing table for the longest time or give it to my mum or in the dustbin-you-go...hehehehe

first of all, FIRMAX3 did not pay me for this *macamlah depa nak bayar sgtkannn??* and secondly this is not an advertisement or what so ever..this is just my review on the product and i am one happy customer.

after a week pakai,which i only apply at night and pakai only on my wrist and neck...i could feel the different already. i didnt notice that effect is because of the cream at first..i was thinking "bila masa aku pegi hammam nih..?" and "when was the last time i went to hammam..?" hahahahaa..

OMG my skin is so supple,so gebu,so licin and so moist!!i kid you not!!like seriously mcm baru lepas buat hammam..!! *macam statement perasan right??* but nooooo....tak perasan pun memang kenyataan...hahahahaha..

then after that a week later, i realized my stretchmarks kat paha and punggung dah start pudar and the skin dah even thats why you feel your skin macam kulit baby *ayat takleh blah* but i dont care...i- am -so A HAPPY BUNNY!!

now im using it dekat my stomach pulak konon nak try reduce stretchmarks and tegangkan perut..almaklumlah sbb pernah beranak kannn...tapi lain pulak terjadi...i dah tak lalu nak makan and perut sentiasa kenyang jer....WOW!!boleh kuruslah mcm nih..BEST-BEST!!hehehehehe..                                                                                            
and i thought the effect was on me jer..the other day a friend of mine pun tried the cream and i advised her to do the same...urut dekat perut anti-clockwise and she did it..she too thinks that dia tak terasa lapar langsung!! terus order another tub of cream...hahahahaha

and now bangun pagi jer bila pegang pipi right terasa mcm gebu and mcm ada inject cologen..!betulll tak caya??try dulu...i want semua orang jadi cantik and berseri...*wahh ayattt*

sorry guys, i dont have the before and after picture to show you *coz didnt expect that the result was so good* but again with pictures nih sometimes kita boleh photoshop or guna 360 apps or mcm2 right..?but seriously and i am being honest here..cubalah try one tub if you dont believe me..

the cream cepat dry and will absorb very fast if you letak dekat perut and wont give you unpleasant smell or mcm terasa perut panas ke ape..nope..

owh by the way,my mom who introduced me to this cream and dia dah pakai 3months plus and her pigmentation dah pudar and her face soo berseri and cerah...thanks mom for recommending me this product..hehehehehe

for those yang nak try can email me @ 
the price is rm150 jer and  can last for 1 month - 2 months depends on how and where you want to apply it...but i nih pakai kedekut-kedekut pun dah nampak effect so takyahlah membazir..hehehehe

so till then...