Monday, April 13, 2015

Love is...

This morning after sending emmil to school i thought to myself "dah lama tak makan McD"...i hv made a detour from my usual route and tapau McD..on the way back the road was as usual jamm!! I was thinking must be the MRT construction so as time passed by and my car started to move slowly and as i stopped at the red traffic light i can see in front of me there's a motor bike smashed and people were trying to help..and a guy laying on the road helplessly and no he is not dead but was in pain..then i saw a motor cyclist picking up something on the road...i started to cry as i saw rice and lauk on the road and tiffins (mangkuk tingkat) scattered and smashed on the my mind must be his wife who prepared all the food..!goshh!!such a sad scene!! I hope that man is safe and sound at the hospital now..

Tears cant stop falling and i just text hubby told him what happened and that i love him and to drive safe to work..

We always take things for granted nowdays esp when we are too tied up with work..i always remind myself and hubby that we need to cherish our love ones before anything happens and we would say "i wish i spent more time with them.." Or " i should hv done this.." Or "why i didnt do this.." and the list goes on...

I am not perfect..but i will try my level best to show love nowdays esp with my parents, hubby and emmil...ofcourse my siblings too and not forgetting my bffs..we never know when is the last time we gonna see them...*tears*

As much as i wish i have soo much money to spend or lavish them with stuffs that they like or holidays that they have been craving for but i am not in that position yet but love doesnt stopped right at money peeps..soo much things we can do such as spending time with them and just be happy and make them feel happy thats love too!*bigsmile* and now i dont feel guilty sangat...*ngeeh*

We need to remind each other how much we love our wife or hubby or children or parents every single day..yes it sounds cheesy for some of us but i just follow my heart nowdays and i dont want to live in "sesal separuh nyawa" mode later on..

I pun selalu kena marah with hubby for being annoying coz keep on texting him while he is busy at work but i told him "syg,u will surely miss me when i stopped texting u and when im gone.." And he just kept quite *!!*...appreciate life more we never know whats gonnna happen to us in few seconds from now..

Have a great day peeps...*muahhsss*