Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry xmas luncheon 2014..

25th december 2014 we celebrated xmas luncheon cum our house warming get together..its hard to get my hubby to cook nowdays as he is always busy with work so on tht date he finally make a point to cooked turkey for the whole was yummy and everybody was happy and excited..alhamdulillah

Owh..we even invited aunties and uncles but only aunty zom and uncle kimi tht came the rest are either out if the country or its a bonding time with their families as well..but anyway it was a good function and hubby was happy too coz we finally did our house warming and everybody in the family has tasted his cooking..phewww..

So guys,i hoped all of you had a great xmas holiday and happy new year in advance from me and my family..