Monday, September 28, 2015

Miss Sweet Mr haze

Before i start merepeks,i would like to thank Allah for giving me his blessing and happiness in this world...i hope and wish it will last till jannah..insyaallah

Hubby planned for this short vacay for our tiger aka emmil... And praying so hard that mr haze will shoosh away when we're there nanti..

its his school holiday so we thought why not we go to thistle PD again as we like the enviroment,the clean and private beach and kids friendly much activities you can do with your kids..but as usual my tiger only like the beach and the pool jer..heheehehe well,that's the whole point of coming here right?! 

Tiger really had fun and sampai gelap gulita already..hehehehe..he can make friends with any kids..kinda very brave and confident young boy tak malu punya orang..which is good for me as i still remember when i was his age i have no guts to talk to people...*ngeehh* so shy one but luckily i have my brothers to play with..i guess tiger had no choice but to be friendly and make friends if not sape nak layan dia main..hehehehe..this part mommy have to salute you my-little-tiger-you...hahahahaa okay enough mushy-mushy..

And he did make friends..*tepuktangan* he called his friend "my england friend" hahahahhahaa cause they actually half malay and half brits...hani is 10 years old and haris is 9 years old..they become bestfriend instantly..hehhehehehee...they just clicked and know how to take care of each other and have fun..i on the other hand watching them closely by having my 'tan' by the pool and chit chat with hubby..*tan ler sangat* muahahahahaaaa

Tiger even had a movie date with his new friends.."Mommy we have to be back at the hotel 9pm coz i am going to watch movie with my england friends" hmmmm....*rolling eyes here*

On our way to have dinner and our young tiger is a bit muka masam coz he wants to eat at the hotel instead of makan kat luar coz takut tak sempat nak pegi movie with his england friends..grrrrrr..

Kayaking with dad..tiger didn't paddle as he is busy acting mcm dalam movie 'pirates of the carribean' while dad had to paddle all the way...hahahahaaaa kena buli dad kali nih...

Day 2, when the cousins all came to joined us with tok mummy and tok daddy in tow..suddenly mr rain starts to fall and the kids had fun running around in the rain..but actually bapak budak yang start dulu..muahahahahaa...we had so much fun although sekejap jer dapat main kat pantai..

But the most precious moment or shall i say the highlight of the night would be the celebration of my dad's 69th birthday dad gave his speech on 'how islam nowdays' and asked us to think or ponder why is it happening to us now...thats just my dad..he loves to share what he knows or discovered in the al quran and will tell us..he said "kubur masing-masing. And i cant help you anymore nor you can help me when we leave this world..that is between you and God.." 
*nanges dalam hati*

"Ya rabb,please give happiness and good health for my mommy and daddy..panjangkan umur mereka berdua and beri kami peluang untuk menjaga mereka berdua dengan sebai-baiknya.."insyaallah..

After dinner we had fun karaoke-ing!! Yeahhh babyy..even the kids sang!! Well,the kids yang conquer the karaoke room by the way..hahhahahaa then barulah adults dpt nyanyi..although microphone and the sound system takdelah best sangat but we all sure had fun singing away mcm professional singer hookeyyyy...!!! Hahahahaha..we ended up our session almost 1am..

That's wrapped up our weekend get away..i must say Allah has given us soo much privilage as the weather is soo clear with no mr haze and although it was raining but that is also His blessing for us..thank you Allah for a great weekend..alhamdulillah..

Till then..