Wednesday, October 15, 2014

salam belated Aidiladha from me... :P

hi guys..sorry for the lonnnnngggg hiatus and i know nowdays nobody even care about blogging anymore...unlike hiatus in every social network i must just not-in-the-mood-to-write! *pffttt* much things to tell and so much stuffs to update *now that i am in my rajin mode* little time...muahahahahaha..

okaylah..let me just refresh on the new event which is Raya Haji...

OMG...!! i didnt really raya hookay...

this is what happened:

i ate sotong for lunch on Thursday and my allergies spike up at 5am the next morning..i woke up to see my body was a bit reddish but didnt expect that it was allergy..i thought it was because of the hot weather or nyamuk *sigh*

the next morning i went to work as usual and the reddish on my hand started to spread all over my body now..i was a bit of tiny weeny panicked at that time buttt because i have to rush for my lunch appointment with my client which i cant cancel at the last minute so i just gamble on continuing my cut the story short i met my hubby after my meeting and hubby was shocked and asked me to go and see the doctor...buttttt *again* i am just too lazy to go to the doctor went into a pharmacy instead and bought piriton instead.. *pfffttt*

before dinner i told hubby that we need to go to the clinic just to check and take an injection because i could feel that the medicine doesnt really off to the clinic..the doctor said it was quite severe so she gave me a jab and she said it will reduced the allergy...

come midnite..after dinner with hubby my body was starting to swollen *literally speaking* and the allergy has gone up to my face andddd this time i PANICKED!!!!! *baru nak panic lah kannnn??*

i was shouting at hubby who was happily watching his fav news..."looookkk at meeeeee...!!" and hubby turned around and i could see his face slightly changing but he said "dont panic sayang..lets just wait until 1am then we go to the hospital..why not u go and get shower first.." and me on the other side of the room was still shouting *although i was trying my best to stay calm but i just couldn't anymore* so i said and this time was mumbling almost into tears "of course im panicked sayang..this shouldn't have happen coz i took medication and the injection already and they should reduced by now...!" and i a baby in the shower...hahahahaha *kelakor kelakor*

when i walked out from the shower hubby came to me.."okay sayang get ready we are going to the emergency now..!!" and entah kenape i was smilling so wide..hahahahaha..*weirdo*

off to Tropicana Medical Center and we went straight to emergency..they gave me drips and some medication for 1 hour to flushed out all the toxins or something like that lah coz at this moment of time i just couldn't care less i just want these whole thing on my body GONE ASAP!!muahahahahaa...they put me under observation whether or not im gonna be warded or i can just go home...

and in 1 hour all my reddish allergy was GONE!alhamdulillah...and i was happy with drowsiness..hehehhee...the indian doctor was so nice she explained everything to hubby about allergy and all the medical terms to him while i was still on the bed resting and couldn't careless about all those coz i am in LALALAND...hahahahahaha..

so they discharged me after all the allergy was gone and i am a human again without any dots of allergies and so balikkk rumahhhh...yeayyyyy!

but....the story doesnt ends there...the following morning my hands bengkak and reddish feet pun bengkak..another round of paniking guyssss!!!hahahahhaa hubby told me calm down and just took medication the doctor gave and see what happen next..

so took me another 3 days to recover and i was either on my bed sleeping or on the sofa watching TV with drowsiness "like orang gila already* to finally recovered 100%...of course sleepless nighst as well as the ubat too strong for me i guess sampaikan my hands and kaki bengkak like kena sengat...*pffttt*

that raya haji morning..just to get the feel of RAYA HAJI...i just listen to the takbir for few times..but still doesnt work coz no smell of rendang or ketupat in my kitchen or on the table...huaaaaaaaaaa....but hubby brought some rendang and ketupat for me frm mommy's house later that night..

kesian emmil had to beraya with tok mommy and tok daddy without me but he had soo much fun with the cousins..he even says "its okay can rest and i will go jalan-jalan"hahahahaaha...

so there goes my AIDILADHA 2014...adios amigos...*hmmm*