Thursday, August 7, 2014

raya mood still on..?

i'm sure everyone of you still in raya mood right?hehehehe..well,my raya was a humble raya as my son emmil is not around with only me and hubby left in town to celebrate our 1st raya together as hubby and wifey..

ofcourse it was fun and romantic kinda raya, coz its only the two of us so feels like "honeymoon" instead of "raya"...muahahahaha...

but although its only us we make sure that we decorate our house properly with flowers,new vases for the flowers,clean the house,tukar cadar and what not, arrangement for the biscuits *i dont know who's gonna finish all the biscuits and rempeyeks and chocs* and the i realized we dont have biscuits containers....muahahahaha..i told hubby such a sad life we have coz we didnt even realized we dont have biscuit containers..yerlah takkan nak served people in the tupperware pulak...*gelengkepala*

so me and hubby rushed and get the biscuit's containers but i was soo confused which one to choose really???of course we settled for one simple container nampaklah mcm newly wed sikit..muahahhaaa..

and malam raya sibuk mencari lemang somewhere in desa pandan..keep on telling myself and hubby "no one is coming to our house..its only us.." and we both laugh..hubby even said "its okay we just pretend.."muahahahaha...

on the morning of raya after bersalaman with hubby..both of us sefie with our new monopod..given to us esp for pagi raya...hahahahaha thanks to my bestie fida..i was wondering a few days before raya "who is going tak snap our pics?" so i googled and managed to find a few solutions but because its already a few days to raya im sure im gonna get the product after called my bestie and she said to go to lowyat but then again...i have no time to goooo.....!!but she being my besties for the longest time knows how cuckoo and desperate i am to have the monopod, she accidentally pass a market that sells monopod...yeayyy!! for me...*lovelove*

so there goes my raya..we are planning to do our open house raya *konon* for my family together back again with baju kurung and baju melayu for our photo session...*excited*

a week before ramadhan ends..berbuka puasa with my family and we had steaks for berbuka..hehehehe

pagi syawal 2014