Tuesday, April 8, 2014

busy bee

...been wanting to write..about soo many things happening to me..but..no time..*tutupmuka nanges*

2014 has been busy for me..January : married life mode & pre-honeymoon February : emmil and ian's birthday party March : scouting for a house April: Moving into our new house...

that doesnt include my working hours...meeting up people and out station trips.. *sigh* but above all..i love my life and am blessed to have a great hubby..

emmil is soo excited with his new house and room..!!hahahaha..Masyaallah should see his face when he entered the house for the first time.. "Where's my new bibik mommy..?" hahahahahaa...little that he knows that his MOMMY is his NEW bibik!! muahahahahaaha...

okay GTG as i have another lunch meeting..will update on stuffs later..