Monday, February 9, 2015

My boy turn 7 today..

today emmil turns 7 years old..time flies so fast nowdays and its hard to catch up huh..?! well,this year its not gonna be any parties for him as we are trying to give him token on his birthday..he has been requesting to go to sunway lagoon..hehehehehe...

been quite a mixture feeling..tough,fun,stress,happy,at ease,kelam-kabutness and etc..esp raising a boy, i must admit that he is a very smart boy with high enthusiasm and friendly,confident and drama king i must say..but lack of disipline and i dont blame him..i guess with broken family makes him a tough boy and independent in his own way..and always get his way..hahahaha..well,thats the truth..

Parenting doesnt come with manual and if it does makes it a lot easier!so i learn slowly and step by step..trial and error an such applies..but then again failure doesnt mean you are a bad parent(s)..hubby helps a lot too interms of my emotional in calming down in certain situasion and i must say without him its hard to balance up..

Well,alhamdulillah we manage somehow rather and we love him unconditionally and till jannah..

To emmil: 
"Happy 7th birthday sayang..ur a big boy already and so much fun and interesting things are waiting for you to explore ahead of you..mommy and dad doakan yg terbaik for you sayang..jadi anak yg soleh..mommy and dad love you soo much!"