Monday, December 1, 2014

Anniversary 2014

30th November 2014 is my special is our anniversary ��!hoorayyy!!

we celebrated it earlier from the date cause hubby had to work tonite..anyway,we had dinner at an italian restaurant near st mary's residence and accompanied by 2 of our friends that we have known for quite sometimes..

It was a pleasure to have them accompanied us as hubby said we are sharing our best moment with friends not just the two of us because we can tell stories on how we met and happy moments or experience and talk about future with our friends..and we can also learn from them and maybe next year we would invite more married couples and share the journey of love with them.. ��

How time flies huh..?it felt like i just got married to the man of my life yesterday. And here we are,1 year older qnd wiser then the year before and still standing strong.i hope we would stay as a happy family till jannah..we had gone through a lot through out this one year and i must say it is not an easy journey but we made it and survived!alhamdulillah..

Only god knows and i am blessed with my life now and everyday i feel my life is complete with my two boys..they are my everything and i would do anything for them.

I know that the journey will not end here and i pray to Allah to give us more love everyday,trusting in each other more and abundance of good health and wealth..let us be a happy family full of fun,joy and happiness.. Insyaallah..

To my beloved hubby,i love u till jannah and no words could describe how much u mean to me and emmil..we love you so much..�� thanks for being a good dad to emmil and a very understanding and sporting hubby to're just one in a million..!��

Happy anniversary sayang..��