Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Note to myself..

Hubby have been persuading me to write an email to my closest friends on my 2015 stories..i told myself.." Why would i do that..they know already..!"hahahahaahaha..

So here goes the story of my journey of 2015..


My new year didn't go as planned...it was a rough and terrible way to start of 2015. But it was Emmil's first day at school yeayy!! He is in standard 1 and i am so proud of him as he didn't cry at all!! Mommy yang nervous..muahahahaa..


Things started to calm down as we have decided and agree on a few things in life..the journey has just begun and we will start fresh again..alhamdulillah..
It is emmil's birthday month too..we celebrate it at Tony romas with ian..it was a humble birthday celebration..of course he got his presents...


Things happened again and i just acted cool and trying my best to be strong..Allah always there to guide me..sabar and duas was all i have in me.. Its hard but i try my best to be closer to allah..i may not be a pious person but i must say i am learning..god testing me with so many things for me to be in His jannah so i have to practise and learn how to sabar and redha..i am blessed coz i have good friends that's always there for me..through good and bad..shoulder to cry on..i am very thankful for that..alhamdulillah..


Missing friends that i had to let it pass..not an easy task but in every marriage there's sacrifices i must say in order for us to value the process of marriage..i am learning slowly how to let go,to forgive and to be a survival..
We had our bali honeymoon..tried my best to reconcile with myself..we had so much fun..although so many things needs to be repaired..!


Our first holiday as a family..yeayy! Since its mid term break for emmil,hubby decided to bring us to thistle,port dickson..we brought mummy and daddy too! We all had so much fun! Hubby was quite busy at work so when he finally has the time for us we really try our best to make it happening..!!!!hahahahahahaa...


It's my birthday month..it is quite sad as hubby had to be away on my birthday..yes..but when it comes to work we will have to accept it that it is priority for him..but when he was back in kl we had dinner at st mary's place..well better late then nothing huh..?!hahahahaa..god is great..


Its was raya time..we went back to Melaka for raya on the 3rd raya..it is emmil's first time going back to kampung tok daddy..he was so excited and happy..we all sure did..!! 


Hubby went to ho chi minh for work..he works so hard and so many outstations in this month..hmmm...its for the family so thats the positive vibes that i tell myself everytime he goes away although sometimes i feel like 'cekik' his company for taking so much of his time even on weekends..!!


Its hubby's birthday month..and i didn't prepared anything  but emmil did a birthday card for his dad and we bought him a magnet saying "No 1 Dad" hahahaahaha..sorry no budget dad..mommy is a housewife now...*bluekkk*
We went to thistle port dickson again..and celebrated tok daddy's 69th birthday..and we karok all night longggg...it was truely happening time for us and everybody including the kids menunjukkan bakat masing-masing...!!hahahaahaha


This month was a trial month for us as i was having difficulty with my menses..i was spotting on and off but I wasn't having my period..how's that..??and I wasn't pregnant too!! ..i must say i am quite worried and went to see a few doctors but some of the doctors told me that it is urine infections *like whatttt...?* and my fertility doctor said he has no idea what's going on..*pfffttttt* and etc..

My dad had his second heart attack..was quite a tough month for me and my family..


Its school holidays..!!and we had a trip to kota bharu..it was our first long journey as a family and we had so much fun..!!!emmil said to us "i love kelantan mommy.." Hahahahaaha..


I didnt celebrate new year with hubby..every year it would be with my besties..but this month is the month that i am settled and ready for 2016..all the planning for our next honeymoon next year,emmil's new progress and fun with the family..

I must say..2015 have change me to be a stronger person ever..! Learning on how to control your emotions and rely ONLY to Him! I learned the word "redha" in a very hard way,i must say..but i must thank Allah for guiding me to be a better person..with little bit of iman,i managed to crawl back and standing tall facing all these 'things' with head held high..i am proud with who i turned out to be as without the 'test' from Him,i wouldnt know my strenght and the reason behind it...i am still learning everyday..life is a learning process to prepare us for jannah..as my bestie always say to me.."Jannah is not free to enter babe.." She is right..!!

Learning to forgive and forget is not an easy task..but i am learning still..slowly..but i am sure that the hikmah will slowly surface when god says 'kun faya kun..'

May our jouney through out 2016 will be the best journey under His guidance..with that said "Welcome 2016..!!!"